Barrick Concrete Floor Polishing
Rod Barrick
Bozeman, MT
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Polished Concrete saves you MONEY!!!!

Persistent labor, chemical and supply cost eliminated.  Polished concrete eliminates any need for stripping, waxing or finishing.

Persistent refurbishment and restoration costs eliminated.  No enamel paints, urethanes, or other coatings that might peel and flake.  Eliminates the need for high maintenance floor coverings.

Typically, many other floors look great when first finished.  As they wear, their appearance slowly degrades even when frequently maintained.  Not until they are refinished do they look great again.  Polished concrete does not got through these frequent cycles.  This cycle happens over a 5-15 year time frame.  Polished concrete is permanent, long lasting and durable.

When refinishing is necessary, typically a one or two step polishing is all that is needed to get the floor back to like new condition compared with the initial seven to eight step process.

Minimal maintenance requirements include dust mopping or vacuuming, mopping or auto scrubbing, and burnishing if desired. 

Polished concrete has zero VOCs emissions elimination several VOCs associated with other concrete floor finishing techniques.

There are no VOCs produced as a result of any polished concrete manufacturing process as with other flooring material.  With other flooring types, VOC emission can result from stripping and finishing, or the application of coatings and caustic or acidic cleaners.  VOCs can be emitted as a result of off-gassing of new flooring material, such as carpet and carpet adhesives.  #