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Fire Artisan Pizza
Downtown Bozeman, MT

This floor is a 90 year old concrete/terrazzo combination floor. It had been covered with carpet for the last 40 plus years by the time we got to it.  The client wanted the carpet glue removed, followed by a full polish for the concrete and terrazzo.  It was definetely a challenge, but the final result is just amazing!!!   
Lockhorn Cider House    Bozeman, MT

Lockhorn Cider House was a really fun and challenging project.  The owner came to us with the idea of seeding the concrete with recycled glass as it was being poured.  He also wanted to place tooling throughout the floor so that it would be exposed during the polishing process.  The floor turned out beautifully, as you can see from the photo album below.
Glass fragments seeded into original pour
Garage in North Bozeman, MT

This is a 17 year old garage floor, complete with oil stains, paint drips, swirl marks from original troweling...the works!  We have taken it to a 400 grit, full aggregate polish.  Rod is adding custom stain creations.  In these photos, we have pictured the Steampunk Rocket, and Steampunk Gears and Clock.  We can also duplicate your company logo onto your concrete floor...great impact for an entryway!!!
trowel swirls and stains
more stains
And here we go!
after/ before
Custom Steampunk Rocket by Rod
designing the clock
Polished Concrete Floors
Finished Steampunk Gears and Clock
 Patio- Southwest Bozeman, MT

This patio was originally a grey stamped concrete.  The home owners were not happy with the stamp, and wanted something different and a little more exciting.  The cost of tearing out the concrete completely and replacing it was not very appealing, so this is where we came in.  With our grinding/polishing process, we were able to remove the stamp, and bring it to a beautiful full aggregate polished finish.  The photos of the finished product are a 400 grit, full aggregate polish with stain and 2 coats of Ultra Guard. 
Finished product! 400 polish, Smith stain with 2 coats UltraGuar
Original patio, stamped grey concrete
grinding...getting closer!
McCarty Patio, Belgrade- start of project
Holes that we repaired
just before staining
Finished Product!
 Gym- Belgrade, MT

This is a project where originally there had been carpet on the floor. The well meaning "Do-it-yourselfer" owner attempted  to remove the carpet glue himself without satisfactory results.  He called us to come to the rescue... we completed the  removal of the carpet glue with our machines (saved a ton of time and labor) , and then finished with a beautiful, durable polished concrete floor.
Randy Quam's finished gym floor- Belgrade
 New Construction- South Gallatin Gateway, MT

Beautiful 400 grit, cream finish polish, with application of an acetone dye.  This project was new construction.
Stoner Home- South Gallatin Gateway
400 grit polish with stain
RightNow Technologies- Clair W. Daines Inc.

New Construction

This customer desired to keep the industrial look of the concrete floors.  With new construction, often there can be paint residue, or a number of other things that need to be cleaned from the flooring surface.  We came in with our machines, and cleaned and filled cracks, then finished with J25 high build.  This gave the finished floor a beautiful shine that will be durable and very easy to clean.
RightNow - Clair W. Daines Inc.
Cleaned and J 25 high build sealer
Kept the natural look of the concrete, but check out that SHINE!!
Ground and sealed lippage
Rogue Salon
Downtown Bozeman, MT

This was a project on a floor that is about 50 years old.

Roxy's Market, Big Sky MT
New Construction
Medium Aggregate Full Polish